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The Finest Quality Belgian Callebaut Chocolate

Chocolate Fountain Hire Manchester

What makes us the Rolls Royce of chocolate fountains? It might be something to do with the luxurious, Belgian Callebaut Chocolate that we use. Or maybe it’s the exceptional high quality service we provide. Maybe it’s those little extras that make your special event even more special?

Augustus Gloops are a family-run business, so we know how important special occasions are. We know those special occasions need to be unforgettable, which is why we go out of our way to deliver the finest service. Along with being totaly professional, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

We have been hired out for many high profile events, including Real Radio and Smooth FM’s dinner party in Manchester.

Our luxury chocolate fountain package includes a lot of extras that top off the night, including the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate (high cocoa content and gluten Free), an opulent high quality British-made chocolate fountain, a choice of fresh, high quality dipping foods, the highest quality moulded illuminated surround and that’s not even half of it! In addition to our luxury chocolate fountain rental, we also offer a range of irresistible treats for any celebration including cupcakes, fruit bouquets or a fantastic pick ‘n’ mix!

Callebaut Chocolate

We use only the highest quality Callebaut Chocolate from Belgium for our chocolate fountains and the finest dipping foods, purchased fresh on the day of the event.

Callebaut are known as the finest Belgian Chocolate makers, why? Because the cocoa beans used are selected, roasted and ground by Callebaut itself. Thanks to their close connections with the cocoa farmers, Callebaut have access to the best beans for every one of their chocolate recipes.

Callebaut grinds all of their ingredients extremely fine – much finer than most other chocolate makers. This yields tiny particles that can never be sensed individually by the tongue or taste buds. Then the rest of the ingredients are readied with the same amount of patience and precision, until the texture, taste and aroma are almost ready. Adding pure cocoa butter and a dash of natural vanilla rounds off the taste and texture of the chocolate.

Have you thought about a chocolate fountain as your dessert or just as an extra special treat? Augustus Gloop’s chocolate fountains are a fabulous display, amazing focal point and sensational for socialising.

Please call either Karen on 07940 229 151 or Sal on 07738 042986 for help, advice or more information.

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